It doesn't look like much, but it's the first real damage I've had to any of my iPhones.

Over the weekend I went winery hopping with some friends, where I know with 100% certainty this scratch came from. If you look at the picture below you'll see a scratch on the top left hand corner of my phone screen:


Funny enough SWNS, released an article about the "Top 20 Most Common Causes of a Broken Phone Screen." 

The experts polled 2000 mobile phone users and found that the top 5 consist of:

1. Just general use
2. On a night out
3. Dropped it in the toilet
4. Forgot it was in a back pocket and sat down
5. Child dropped it

I guess I fall under number 2. However, number 14 is my favorite reason:

14. Was looking at the screen while walking and bumped into something or someone, dropping it.

Out of the 2000 polled they also found that "one in five managed to damage their screen within the first month of owning it."

What's the strangest way that you ruined your phone?