There's nothing like driving down a back road with the windows down at sundown. Especially through the Hudson Valley.


You can disagree if you would like, but dusk is hands down the best time of day. We have access to some amazing sunsets here in the Hudson Valley. So when I saw that Only in Your State published a list of the 7 Best Back Roads in New York State all I could think of is driving through the back roads of Millbrook and into Connecticut which I think is route 22.

When I had my Dodge Challenger (it was rented) I would drive with the windows down and music flowing through the speakers. It was magical.

The list provided by Only in Your State was lacking Hudson Valley love. Number 2 on the list, however is kind of in the Hudson Valley on Route 28 inside of the Catskill Park.

I've never been, but now I have to check it out. Where do you ride in the Hudson Valley? What back roads are you taking that didn't make the list? Let us know and share your pictures with us on Facebook.