Was this a culinary invention made out of boredom because of quarantine or have they been around for a while? I need some answers.

When was the first time you heard of a cocoa bomb for your hot chocolate? Odds are it has been in the last year or so.

We're almost a month in to the new year and you've probably seen pictures of cocoa bombs all over Facebook and Instagram by now. Forgive me but I didn't think that making hot chocolate was a process that needed much fixing. It was a pretty simple process. Up until a few months ago you just mixed cocoa powder with hot milk or water. Now it seems like it needs to involve cooking and glitter. Tik Tok has just complicated one of life's most simple pleasures. The cocoa bomb phenomenon has taken the world by storm.

If you're not familiar a cocoa bombs is basically just a hollow hardened chocolate ball with cocoa powder and marshmallows inside. The bomb melts inside a heated mug of water or milk to magically make a hot chocolate drink.

Don't get me wrong. These things are insanely delicious and many Hudson Valley bakeries have jumped on the trend already. I'm wondering what the heck these things are and where they came from?

It turns out it's origins date before the pandemic. According to CocoaBombs.com, the chocolatey treat began in 2019 in Idaho by Eric Torres as a fun way to make hot chocolate.

Have you had a cocoa bomb yet? You can now get them at most Hudson Valley candy shops and bakeries.

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