If you looked outside in the early morning hours today, you probably saw the moon shining extra bring. And if you consulted your calendar you would notice that we were scheduled for a full moon.

While Monday night and Tuesday morning were a sight to be seen, Tuesday night is the big show.

According to CNN.com tonight, Tuesday February 19th, is the night of the Super Snow Moon.

We've seen blood moons and lunar eclipse, but what is a Super Snow Moon? CNN reports that tonight's Super Snow Moon is "the second of three supermoon events in the first three months of the year."

At 10:54 a.m. eastern time on Tuesday morning, the Super Snow Moon will reach it's peak, but obviously will not be visible during the day. They suggest paying close attention to the skies during moon rise to get the best view of the snow moon.

After a little bit of research the moon rise over the Hudson Valley should happen around 5:44pm.

The moon will be closest in its orbit to Earth and will appear "unusually large when it rises and sets."

CNN reports that this Super Moon is called a snow moon after the Native Americans and Europeans associated the heavy snow during the month of February.

If you want to catch the Super Moon on camera you can head out to Pawling for a Supermoon photography event with LAND Gallery at Jane Haslam Photographyand Justin P. Goodhart Photography.