I think every young man dreams of hooking up with a cougar at some point in his life. At least once just to try it, right? Heck, I've got friends who swear by it. I have a question for those who have slept with older women: how was it?

Calling all cougars out there. A new study from The Daily Mail, says that women at the age of 36 have a heightened sexual appetite. They also claim to have the best sex of their lives.

Just to prove that no one should be offended: yes, cougars are women 35 years or older.

Here a few reasons why cougars are just better at, you know, "it."

  1. Older women are more confident with their looks or their personality.
  2. They're more experienced and they know what they can do.
  3. This confidence allows them to ask for what they want more directly and sometimes they want sex.

If you've been with a cougar and you agree with these observations, let me know. In the meantime, I'm going to try a website where I can find cougars of Poughkeepsie. Stay tuned.