Peeps! Peeps! Where are the Peeps? The donuts that is. I could just come up with my own April Fools Peeps Donut conspiracies, but then again, I only went to one Dunkin Donuts (DD) location looking for the Peeps Donut that was supposed to be making its appearance today.

So is it an April Fool's joke? Or is this really a 'thing?' I was able to order a Peeps coffee, which is a marshmallow flavor shot in regular coffee, not sure what it would actually taste like, I also asked for milk, just in case. What I tasted was what I imagine a 'lite & sweet' coffee to taste like. For the record, I drink my coffee black, no sugar and super hot. So while I didn't think the coffee was for me, it would be for anyone who drinks it lite and sweet or black with a lot of sugar.

The DD I went to said that they simply did not get the Peep donuts for their delivery this morning and that they expected to get them tomorrow. Did your Dunkin' have them? If so, let us know what location and we will create our own Peeps Donut locator for the Hudson Valley.

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