I can't find any and it's a travesty.

I know I can get them in New York City but where the heck can I get one around here?

I'm pretty chill. I don't get too passionate about a lot of things in life but when it comes to delicious doughnuts I can be pretty outspoken.

Who doesn't love doughnuts? I've been a fan my entire life but I grew up in doughnut desert. I grew up in a small town in Michigan and the only place I could get a doughnut was the local bakery which typically closed around noon. We didn't have a bakery that specialized in making doughnuts near us like Dunkin'. I was even about an hour from the nearest Tim Hortons.

I think anyone on the east coast might find it hard to believe.

Some people say the Hudson Valley is a doughnut dessert but I totally disagree. I can spot a doughnut desert when I see one. I grew up in one.

Here in the Hudson Valley, we have Glazed Over Donuts and Peaceful Provisions in Beacon, Cosmic Donuts in Kinderhook and numerous Dunkin' locations. Just about every grocery store has them too and most apple orchards carry fresh-made cider doughnuts.

There really is an abundance of doughnuts in the Hudson Valley but there's one brand that seems difficult to get.

I know they used to be available at Grand Central Terminal and I know they're more common in Pennsylvania.

Where the heck does one get a Krispy Kreme doughnut in the Hudson Valley? If you have any leads be sure to let me know.


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