It seems like a trivial question but where the heck am I supposed to start? There are so many of them now.

I'm sad to say that my superhero game is a bit behind. There was a time where I wanted to be Batman. It seemed like it was an obtainable goal for a 7-year-old. I would have settled for being Wolverine from the X-Men, bub. I had comics, action figures, playing cards and I even watched the cartoons every Saturday. Then something happened. I grew up.

I started to tune out early on in high school. I think the second Spider-Man with Toby McGuire was my last one. I remember being so disappointed

Fast forward to 15 years later: we have so many more heroes and movies that have been introduced I'm clueless as to what's even going on.

Everyone is talking about the new Avengers movie and that I've got to see it. It would probably make no sense to me since I haven't seen a Marvel movie since 2003.

I'm confused about who's who now, what universe is which and how are there three Spider-Mans and two Deadpools in just a few years?

You've got to admit that it's a lot to take in. Calling all nerds! Where the heck do I start?

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