The Hudson Valley has officially just entered the spicy chicken sandwich war and I couldn't be more proud.

We've come a long way from the dark days of mile long drive thru lines, fist fights n the lobby and people making sandwiches on dumpsters. Does anyone remember the hype around Popeye's crispy chicken sandwich?

I could not comprehend why people were obsessing over them until I was lucky enough to get one. Since then several restaurants have added the sandwich to their menu. We can add one more to the list.

I should let you know that while I'm writing this article it's still 3 hours until my lunch break but I'm already making my plans to go grab one of the most underground and secret sandwiches to hit Upstate New York.

The secret is officially out. Stewart's Shops has begun selling their own spicy chicken sandwich. They almost released it under everyone and it's not easy to find in the Hudson Valley but it's not impossible. Here's how to find the elusive menu item.

Stewarts Shops
Stewart's Shops

According to Stewart's, the spicy crispy chicken sandwich that is served on a butter roll is only available at Stewart's locations that have something called a turbo oven.

Unfortunately, not every shop has one of these ovens but there are a few in the Hudson Valley. According to Stewart's, the nearest locations are shop #364 on rte 376 in Wappingers and shop #309 on Chestnut Street in New Paltz.

At least both sides of the Hudson River can try out these new sandwiches. Have you tried them yet?

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