Curt Schilling is known for being... well, outspoken is one way to put it. Depending on where you land on the political spectrum, maybe you think he's a psychotic blowhard. Maybe you think he's one of those national treasures that just "tells it like it is." Whatever the case may be, he isn't afraid to speak his mind, something that's gotten him in hot water in the past.

Well, now instead of merely making political comments and speaking his mind and sharing memes that he probably saw in your crazy uncle's newsfeed, he's planning a run for office.

He's serious. He really wants to be president.

Beliefs aside, this is a dude that cost the taxpayers of Rhode Island absolutely obscene amounts of money ($75 million! )in a completely and utterly embarrassing failure of a business venture. He's prone to losing his mind via social media over the most minor of peripheral distraction issues. This is not someone I, personally, want anywhere near nuclear weapons.

So instead, I've made my pick for who should be the President of the United States, if we're talking retired ballplayers:

Ripken waves to crowd
(Photo by M. David Leeds/Getty Images)

Cal Ripken Jr.

That's right: the Iron Man. Who better to represent the United States than a man who played in 2,632 consecutive games! This is not a dude you have to worry about taking trips to Camp David and slacking off on the job.

He grew up not far from D.C., in Aberdeen, Maryland and currently, he's the CEO of Ripken Baseball, Inc. He owns three baseball teams. He's been heavily involved in charity since the beginning of his career. He even has connections within the government already:

On August 13, 2007, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announced that Ripken had been named Special Sports Envoy for the US State Department and that he would be going to China in October: "... we're just delighted that somebody of Cal Ripken's stature is going to be someone who will go out and represent America so well and represent what we consider to be American values, but universal values; that hard work and diligence and the willingness to really put it all on the line every day is something that kids need to learn", said Rice.

Come on, the guy even looks presidential:

Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony
(Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

I'm all-in on Cal in 2020.

Some other picks that I pondered were Rickey Henderson (his State of the Union Addresses in the first person narrative would be the most entertaining thing that this country has ever seen) and Barry Bonds (because my need to incessantly troll and infuriate people is very, very hard for me to suppress).

So, let's hear it: which ballplayer should be president?