With the football season officially over for 19/20, is anyone else on the edge of their seat for baseball?  Surely i'm not alone.

Not trying to take away the glory from the Chiefs' - by the way, you know there's a Hudson Valley connection on the coaching staff, right?

Growing up in a sports heavy home, we watched most professional/college games no matter the sport, however, baseball always topped the list, and watching Yankee games together was (and still is) a family tradition.  During the off season though, baseball doesn't simply go away, though, as we're always watching the trades and predicting starting lineups and pitching rotations - is there really anything better than america's pastime?

I've been lucky to travel to Florida quite a few times to check out spring training baseball, pre-season baseball is such a cool experience.  The ballparks are small, you can get pretty close to your favorite players (i'm looking at your Jorge Posada and Robinson Cano), and if you're anything like me, act like a complete fan girl while attempting to get autographs!

I was also lucky enough to cross a baseball related item off my bucket list back in 2010 when I became a Yankees season ticket holder.  Now, granted it was a partial season package, but it was amazing to get calls from the stadium that went:"Hey Val, it's Seth, your season ticket broker!"  Talk about thinking you made it big.

With reporting dates for pitchers and catchers on the horizon (2/12 for the Mets, 2/13 for the Yankees), I can't help but get excited for all that the baseball season brings with it - rivalry smack talk with my friends out in New England, trips to the Bronx, plenty of late nights screaming at my TV from the couch...all for the love of the game.

Spring can't seem to get here soon enough....