All signs point to New York legalizing marijuana at some point in the near future but under the proposal from Governor Cuomo's office, individual counties in New York state will have the right to restrict access to the drug. So the question is, which Hudson Valley counties will pass on grass?

The Times Herald-Record reports the 'opt-out' clause applies to six different types of business licenses including retail and commercial points of consumption like cafes. So while possession would still be legal, local county governments can control what type of businesses spring up around the industry in their communities.

There is, of course, the financial aspect of the situation where if one county were to turn the business down, would that drive potential tax dollars to a neighboring community?

A recent Rolling Stone article took a deeper look at Governor Cuomo's plan which would raise around $300 million in tax revenue over the first three years.

So, what do you think, which if any Hudson Valley county would restrict marijuana if legalized?

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