Earlier this week, we told you that it looked as if Radio Shack would be closing almost 200 additional stores in their continued quest to restructure themselves out of bankruptcy.

There has been several phases of store closings of the Radio Shack locations that have stood in the Hudson Valley, with the last remaining stores as of Wednesday, March 15 located in Middletown, Hyde Park and Poughkeepsie.

According to a release dated Thursday, March 16, the only one of the above locations that will still remain after April 1, 2017 is the Hyde Park one, located at 3999 Albany Post Rd, (Stop & Shop Plaza). The other two Hudson Valley locations, Poughkeepsie on Burnett Blvd and Middletown on Dolson Ave, will no longer be in operation.

What will these empty stores now evolve into? According to the court filings some of the locations will turn into Sprint stores.

Here is a list of the Radio Shack locations that will be closing on or around April 1.