Over the last few weeks we have been updating you on the status of all of the Hudson Valley Radio Shack locations. Will they remain open? What is the status of the store closing sales and if any will stay open after the gigantic inventory liquidation sales?

According to USAToday.com, over the course of the Memorial Day weekend of 2017, the chain held "'sales to end all sales" inventory reduction and then many of the remaining stores closed their doors for good.

Keep in mind that there are two types of stores that remain open with Radio Shack: the ones that are owned by the company and approximately 500 that are what they are calling dealer-owned stores.

There are 70 stores that are company-owned and will are expected to remain open, according to their press release. Four or these stores are located in the Hudson Valley:

  • The Kingston Plaza Store, Kingston NY
  • The Hudson Fairview Store in Hudson, NY
  • The Putnam Plaza Shopping Center Store in Carmel, NY
  • The New Paltz Plaza Store in New Paltz, NY,


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