So, you are getting ready to take the kids out Trick-or-Treating on Halloween. Now, where do you take them? Do you head to a specific neighborhood? Do you head to the mall and go Trick or Treating there?

Do you forgo the annual ritual all-together? Or do you love staying home to hand out gobs of candy to kids dressed in their costume best?

So do you take the kids to where you think they are going to get the most candy? Where would that be? Do the kids have a better chance and getting more candy, let's just talk about the volume at this point, at say an apartment complex or a level well lit housing development?

So if that is how much (volume) of candy that they might get, what town or area has the best candy? So here, the question could be quality over quantity. Where do you go for the full sized candy bars and peanut butter cups? Is there a town that has never let you down or maybe it is a specific street that you as a child always went to that came through with the big bars?

Last question. Has there ever been a street that gave you the worst candy ever? Maybe it was just candy that you didn't like. Maybe it was they gave you toothbrushes and pennies. Where is that place, because a lot of people would like to avoid it.