I'm pretty notorious for putting as little work as possible into my Halloween costume. I always make elaborate plans that fall through, and every year my costume mostly just consists of clothes I already wear. One year I was Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad (Red sweatshirt and beanie), another year I was Bart Simpson (Red t-shirt and blue shorts), one time I just took a friend's monster mask at the last minute right before going to a party.

So I'm curious who here in the Hudson Valley is putting careful thought into their costume. Have you been planning it all year? Are you ordering elaborate pieces from Amazon to give it some authenticity?

And I guess the better question: is it worth it? I always want to do something awesome, with crazy makeup and accessories. Like, if I wanted to be Kuato from Total Recall ("Quaaaaaaaid"), it could potentially be cool, but it would take a lot of work.

So are you putting together a big, insane costume for Halloween? Or are you like me and just way too lazy to bother?