Seriously, does anyone want these?

You just moved into a new place or maybe you're feeling inspired. Perhaps, you want some change and are ready to re-do your room. Any of these situations, and plenty more, prompt the need for a new comforter, bedspread, or duvet cover. You have a queen-sized bed and the world should be your oyster. Should.

So now you go to your favorite store or check out some blankets online only to find that you are overwhelmed with full/queen-size blankets. Not full-size and queen-sized blankets, but a combo size of both. Not quite a queen, not quite a full. Some weird hybrid that, truly, NO ONE asked for.

To the person who created the full/queen-size blanket: WHY!? I can promise you that no one with a queen-sized bed wants a smaller blanket. No one wants a blanket that doesn't fit. No one wants a blanket that is the wrong size. If you have a queen-size bed, it's because you wanted a queen-sized bed. Which means you would want a queen-sized blanket.

It's not as big of a deal if you have a full-size bed with a full/queen-size blanket, because the blanket is bigger than the bed. You're not losing out on valuable blanket size, you get extra blanket. But sometimes, the blanket is too big and could drag on the floor! We need different size blankets for different size beds.

This rant comes from a place of personal frustration. I have a queen-size bed and have a stupid full/queen-size blanket. It's too small and doesn't go down nearly enough on the sides of the bed. Any design I see online that I like is always a full/queen and I'm OVER IT.

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