One station is charging $4.49 the other is $4.29.

Even if you're not paying attention to world events today, you've definitely noticed that gas prices are completely out of control. I personally witnessed one gas station I pass every day have the price per gallon go from $3.79 less than two weeks ago to $4.49 a gallon today.

If you drive on a regular basis like I do, you probably pass a few gas stations along the way and every time you pass one have you noticed that the price per gallon is different at almost every location? I pass two stations in Poughkeepsie every morning and just today one was $4.29 per gallon and the other was $4.49. That's a big difference when you are going to fill up your car or truck.

My SUV has a gas tank that I think holds 18 gallons so if I filled up at the cheaper place, I would be saving somewhere around $3.60 for each fill up and I normally have to fill up twice a week, so that adds up.


Why are Gas Prices Higher at One Place, Cheaper at Another?

I stopped to ask at the Shell station in Poughkeepsie and they told me they have no idea why their prices are where they are, but did tell me that they are told each day what the price should be by the owners of the gas station. Searching for more answers, I found online that each gas station has different gas suppliers, different companies that deliver the gas to the stations, and depending on how many gas stations are nearby all goes towards coming up with how much each station charges per gallon.

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Gas is Cheaper in Ulster County Than Dutchess County

Every Tuesday night, I drive from Poughkeepsie to Newburgh for work and while I was heading south on Route 9W last week I noticed that gas was cheaper in Ulster than in Dutchess County. From what I've been told, it has something to do with county taxes, so if you need to cross the Mid-Hudson Bridge for any reason, I would suggest filling up in Ulster County to save a few bucks while you can.

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Gas Stations Price Gouging

If you think that the gas station where you get gas is price gouging (charging way more per gallon than they should be) New York Attorney General Letitia James is asking customers to report the stations online. Before you report them, you will need the following information:

  • Specific increased prices
  • Dates
  • Places that they saw the increased prices
  • The types of fuel being sold

You will also need copies of sales receipts and if possible, photos of the advertised prices according to News 10. You can report stations here.

Updated New York Gas Prices

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