It just seemed strange to me. I was wondering what the story was behind it. Why are they there? Whose are they? I've just got so many questions.

I'm still getting to know the Hudson Valley and my latest exciting journey took me to the Pleasant Valley Library. We can question my exciting nightlife later. Much later.

I was approaching the entrance I notice something odd on the libraries outdoor fence post. There were two gloves hanging there. There was one on each side, and they were propped upright. As people walked past the gloves they either high fived them or shook the empty hands.

Was this some kind of tradition that I was supposed to do upon entering? Was it a superstition practice to make sure I don't get haunted by the ghosts that lurk the library?


I had to ask why the gloves were there. I was sad to learn that they were just lost and someone randomly put them there. I've got to say that I was a bit disjointed in finding out that there was no awesome story behind it. In hindsight, I feel a bit foolish for high giving an empty glove in front of a dozen people.

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