It's National Pizza Day and I want to know why my favorite topping just isn't cool in New York.

Pizza is something that is sacred here in New York. I like pizza as much as next person but I don't hold it as close to my heart as some people around here. Maybe I'll never fully understand because I'm not a native New Yorker.

Some New York residents are very particular when it comes to the toppings that they put on their pizzas. It's considered taboo to enjoy some toppings and others are considered downright sacrilege.

There are a couple of pizza toppings that most New Yorkers can't stand like salad, black olives and anchovies but none seem to be despised as much as the ham and pineapple pizza pie or the Hawaiian pizza.

The sweetness and saltiness of the Hawaiian pizza is heavenly. If you don't like ham then I would also recommend replacing the ham with either sausage or bacon. Any salted pork will do just fine paired with the sweet fruit.

I don't quite understand the hatred. Most New Yorkers won't even give it a chance which makes no sense to me because it's absolutely delicious.

We love sweet and savory combinations with just about any type of food but not precious pizza.

If you're anything like me then pineapple on your pizza could very well be the only serving of fruit you get all day.

Are you a fan of pineapple on pizza? What is your favorite pizza topping?


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