Before I get started with my opinion on the topic at hand let’s first identify these two discount store retailers and the differences between them. Both chains have been around for roughly the same time but Walmart has over ten thousand more stores worldwide than Target.

Walmart logos and color scheme are predominantly blue while Target features red. I’m assuming that’s so you can choose a side and show off their respective store’s colors with an accenting piece of apparel.

Both stores offer similar variety of products and their prices are competitive. Some Walmarts host a small in-store McDonald’s which would influence me toward their store if I wasn’t more of a Burger King Guy. I’ll take a whopper over a Big Mac any day.

When it comes time for me to choose where I want to purchase my socks, slippers and the occasional mopping apparatus, I will have to go with Target. It’s not that I feel Target is truly better. It’s just closer.

I live in Poughkeepsie and the Galleria is only a 10-minute drive away (if I avoid rt. 9 that is). Walmart is in Fishkill, I’m sure if I was nestled in Southern Dutchess County I’d be flaunting a blue scarf. For now, I’ll dawn a red cap and be a proud Target shopper.

Target is considered 2nd to Walmart as a company but geographically speaking, they are number one in my heart. Maybe Target can strike up a deal with Burger King so I can enjoy my discounted shopping experience with some onion.