Traveling across the Hudson River for anything seems like a chore no matter what side you live on.

I've lived in New York for about 6 years now. When I first moved to this state I lived in Troy which is considered the Capital Region. One thing I love and miss about living there was that you were pretty much no more than about 45 minutes from any major city in the area. Cities like Kingston, Albany, Troy and Saratoga all ran north and south and were fairly easy to get to.

The same cannot be said for the Hudson Valley region. It's actually the complete opposite here.

Have you ever been interested in going somewhere in the Hudson Valley only until you hear where it is and then you quickly decline?

I think most of us have. Don't get me wrong I love it here but going to certain cities in the Hudson Valley takes a serious commitment. The reason that traveling in the the Hudson Valley region of New York is such a nightmare is because it's so large and ado vast but unlike the our neighboring region upstate, the main cities here don't run north and south. They run north, south, east and west.


Today while shopping in Poughkeepsie I was told that the item I wanted wasn't at that specific location but it was available at their store in Middletown. Then they asked if I wanted to go there and pick it up. No disrespect to Middletown but absolutely not. That drive sounded miserable because it's roughly an hour away.

Some cities seem like they are so far away that they might as well be in an another state. Most likely because from Poughkeepsie you could be in Danbury, Connecticut sooner than being in Middletown. Also, 10 minutes past Middletown on that drive you could be in Matamoras Pennsylvania.

How many times have you gone to Danbury rather than crossing the Hudson heading west? How many times have you gone to New Jersey or Pennsylvania instead of going east over the Hudson River?

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