We've all seen wild turkeys living in the Hudson Valley, but peacocks? That's something new.

A pair of peacocks have been eluding rescue for weeks after being spotted in the Kingston area. Engaging in what they call a "military operation," The Ulster County SPCA has been working around the clock to bring the animals out of the freezing temperatures and harm's way.

The pair of birds appear to be blue peafowl, which can tolerate colder climates than their green peafowl cousins. But with a major storm barreling through the Hudson Valley, it was clear that these peacocks were at major risk of losing their lives if left to fend for themselves.

Facebook/Ulster County SPCA

The Ulster County SPCA say their plan was to rely on tips from residents to track the birds' position. Once animal handlers are able to find out which areas the peacocks are visiting, volunteers can set up feeding stations to lure the birds for a safe capture.

A Kingston homeowner spotted the peacocks in her yard last week and decided to set up her own trap for them. She put out a feeding station on her property and waited for them to return. Once the birds made themselves at home, the Hudson Valley woman was somehow able to get the birds to follow her into the garage. Once trapped, the Ulster County SPCA was able to safely lure the peacocks into a cage. The stress-free rescue resulted in a pair of happy birds that were brought out of the cold and into a safe indoor area.

Facebook/Ulster County SPCA

The birds will now stay under quarantine for 30 days before heading to their new permanent home. The peacocks are being adopted and will move into a huge aviary pen and coop where the Ulster County SPCA says they will live the "good life."

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