A Hudson Valley animal sanctuary recently celebrated the birthdays of its bears.

Bears are some of the most dangerous animals in the world. They can swim, climb, and run: a literal triple threat. But as violent as they can be, they can be just as adorable. An animal sanctuary in the Hudson Valley is proving just that.

Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville is a sanctuary for roughly 10 bears and other animals as well. They have brown bears, black bears, Kodiak bears, and some crossbreeds. Recently, the sanctuary celebrated all the bears' birthdays. According to their Facebook, all bears are born in January, so they just celebrate at once. Watch this crazy video from the Facebook of the caretakers from Orphaned Wildlife Center hand-feeding their bears birthday cake.

Believe it or not, bears are picky eaters. According to their website, all of the bears in the sanctuary have likes and dislikes. They're not too fond of vegetables, but they do all love honey. They only eat fresh food and love the occasional treat of coffee or ice pops. Most of the bears in the Orphaned Wildlife Center weigh between 300-500 pounds, with some of them weighing over 700 pounds. Imagine being comfortable enough to hand-feed a wild animal that big.

The Orphaned Wildlife Center is located in Otisville, part of Orange County in the Hudson Valley. They hope to rehabilitate orphaned animals to go back into the wild, but if they are unable to, they provide sanctuary. Their website notes that these animals are not taught any tricks or asked to do anything, but are considered family. The center is not open to the public, but they do schedule a very small amount of private tours for a large donation price.

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