Most of us love to eat lobster but is a cheaper lobster roll worth going to jail for? Will stolen lobsters sweep the east coast and land directly in the Hudson Valley?

I had no idea that the lobster industry was so cut throat.

When you're at your favorite seafood restaurant there's a chance you could be eating black market lobster. Yes, that's a thing.

According to The Press Herald, a co-owner of a seafood company called Sea Salt out of Maine, alleges that one of his business partners embezzled over $1 million from the business. Part of that fraud resulted in 50,000 lbs of black market lobster sold to anonymous dealers and restaurants. Could any of the lobster end up here in the Hudson Valley?

Please be careful where you eat your lobster in the Hudson Valley. I'd hate for you to get pinched should the police decide to do a crackdown. See what I did there?

The only way out would be to butter up an elected official.


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