Are there any wood workers or crafty people in the Hudson Valley who would make a new sign for the historic site? No, they aren't asking for it but I am.

I'm a huge history nerd. I grew up in Michigan and though that state has its own unique history it falls short to the roots that belong to the Hudson Valley. This rich history needs to be not just studied and preserved but also respected.

I hate to pick on this sign again but it's needed a facelift for years and It's only gotten more sad.

This sign is for the Mount Gulian Historic Site in Fishkill. The site is home to so much significance from the Wappingers Tribe, the Verplanck family and so much more.

The home has been through a lot since its creation. According to their website, it was rebuilt after being destroyed by a fire set by an arsonist in the 1930s and was restored by an expert over thirty years later.

This sign might have been pretty cool when it was created but it's been falling apart ever since I moved to the Hudson Valley about 4 years ago. It's got a weird rusted hole in the dude's face. It looks like he's been shot in the head. He's all pale like he came back like a zombie. Someone recently broke off his gun barrel and replaced it with a black 2x4.

It really doesn't do the beautiful historic site of Mount Gulian justice.

If there's one thing I hate its people who criticize without offering up solutions. It's never productive. I realize I'm not capable of making a new sign that's any better but I figured at the very least I could get the message out and see if someone else would want to do it.

There have to be some experts who are looking for something to do. If so, maybe reach out to them.


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