The biggest complaint everyone seems to have is never having enough time. In 2018 do we really need to be waiting in line for every single person to have their tickets scanned? According to Mashable, there's a new technology that can eliminate wasting paper on hard tickets and hopefully move those long lines a little bit faster.

Ticketmaster is working very closely with facial recognition technology in order to make event ticket scanning much more convenient. We're taking a page out of China's book. China has replaced printed tickets in movies, concerts and even subway rides. Ticketmaster has purchased the custom facial recognition software and will be working with Blink Identity to help protect your information.

If this feature does take over, you will not have to stop at all during the ticketing process. You'll be able to walk right through as cameras detect your face.

In China, there was an instance where a company gave the private information the police in order to apprehend the person at a concert.

Will this become the norm in America? It seems a little too "big brother" to me for it to catch on here in the states. Also, how can this speed things up if we will still need to be frisked? Just how much time will we be saving after giving away our photos to Ticketmaster?

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