Well, I didn't see this one coming. 

The general image of a witch is as something like a monster - pointy hat, broom, cauldrons, riding a bicycle through a tornado before getting crushed by a house, etc. It's not usually something you think about happening in real life.

And yet, as it turns out, Wiccan witchcraft is one of the fastest growing religions in the Hudson Valley. There are about one million practicing Wiccans nationwide, and about 20% live right here in New York.

And the Hudson Valley is home to the only legally-recognized Wiccan church in the state. The Church of the Eternal Circle is located right in New Paltz, located right behind a metaphysical shop.

Obviously, people are free to practice whatever religion they want, and if witchcraft is working for them, great! This always seemed like a niche group to me, though, and I was certainly surprised to discover how quickly it seems to be growing. Do you know anyone who claims to be a witch?

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