People really do go nuts trying to get their hands on a Guinness World Record. I don't know if it's because it kind of cements their legacy in their minds; it's something you can always tell people, "Hey, I hold a Guinness World Record," or if it's because people just want to feel like they're the best at something. Those kind of make sense to me; when there's some interesting competition involved, I can see wanting to be the best of the best.

But something tells me--and I could be entirely, 100% wrong about this--that there isn't a sizable world of competitive hair-pulling. But here we are, with the Michael Jordan, the Wayne Gretzky, the Babe Ruth, the Diana Taurasi of pulling things with her hair.

In this case, we've got a double decker bus. Yep, she pulls a double decker bus with her hair.