This story is awesome.

It's been well-documented on the show that I don't play lottery. I'll spare you my long diatribe and thoughts on the matter because frankly, they don't make a difference and who cares? When there's literally a billion dollars on the line, all rational thought goes out the window.

And hey, some people play because they enjoy it. That's fine! No problem there, no judgment there.

However, this woman was playing Powerball as... well, kind of as an investment. As in, she was so confident in her ability to win that she spent her entire life savings on tickets.

Of course, she didn't win. But now she's looking for others to foot the bill. It's appalling, it's reprehensible, it's irresponsible, and it's entirely shameless. And if she pulled it off, she would've been my hero for her complete and utter disregard for dignity.

I'm 90% convinced this is all a joke, but either way, the "Hey, I didn't win the lottery, so give me money" concept is really funny to me.