Over the first weekend of November 2019, McDonald's Corporation announced that the CEO of the company, Steve Easterbrook, had been terminated because of what a statement said was 'an inappropriate consensual relationship with an employee.'

This had Nick and I wondering if there is ever a work relationship that has ever gone right. Most companies have policies that either discourage or outright say you cannot engage in a relationship with another co-worker.

Does that mean that employee's listen? Of course it doesn't. When asked if having a relationship with co-workers was a good or not so great thing, here is what a few of the WRRV listeners had to say, via text and phone calls to 845-451-9778 (WRRV):

  • Tom from Fishkill called and said that he met his wife at work, while he was dating yet another co-worker. They are still married
  • Another listener said that he met his wife at work. He would see her there working late every day and finally asked her out to get a bite to eat. 19 years later, they are still together.

Now the two stories above are in the minority of things actually working out. All of the rest of the calls and texts, basically shared stories with us that were in the "not so great' endings to work relationships. There was even an instance where one person lost their job and since they were also living together, that person was also out of a place to live.

Have you ever been in a consensual relationship with a co-worker and it has worked out? Let us know.

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