It's no surprise that so many people never want to go back to in-person work again. New York State boasts an average commute time of just over 33 minutes; why drive to your job when you could watch half an episode of The Great British Baking Show instead? Unfortunately, the news only gets worse if you live in the Hudson Valley.

Canetti via Canva
Canetti via Canva

Long Commutes in the Hudson Valley

I can certainly relate. Until I moved back to New York last year, my out-of-state commutes were minimal. When I lived in Northern California, I only had to sit in my car for 6 minutes until I arrived at work. When I was in St. Louis, it rose to 20. Now that I'm living in the Hudson Valley again, a one-way trip from my home in Newburgh to work in Poughkeepsie takes a whopping 35 minutes. It's no surprise when we take a look at the rankings.

Hazy early morning view of the Mid Hudson River in Poughkeepsie, New York.

New York Commutes by the Numbers

The data-aggregate website, Stacker, took a look at the average commute times for each of the 62 counties in New York. They ranked factors like drive time, means of transportation, and the number of people like me who across county lines on their trip to work. Here's the bad news: not only did every single Hudson Valley county fall in the top 20 for the worst commute, but four registered in the top 10.

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So, where does your county fall in the commuter rankings? Check out how they broke down below.

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