With the outrageous prices of electric and cable companies could this really be an option in the future?

I hate to risk sounding like a complainer but with the ridiculous prices from local electric and cable companies it's almost hard not to be tempted to pack your things and move to the mountains. Unfortunately, there's no WiFi up there so that's not a viable option.

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The city of Kingston received a large sum of money and they could be doing something very cool with it. According to The Daily Freeman, Kingston plans to offer WiFi to residents in certain areas. Is this the future? I think it's brilliant I'm hoping more towns in the Hudson Valley do something similar very soon. The timing is absolutely perfect.

This got me thinking about everyone who only goes through the cable companies just for internet access. If your city offered you internet access from your phone would you pay $10-$20 per month for it? After all, we're paying almost $90.00 to the cable companies now.

Would you be concerned about security or privacy issues?