Spotted at Stop & Shop in Poughkeepsie, International Delight's new coffee creamer. Yup, Reese's for breakfast! Coffee drinkers have heard about this new flavor since it's release earlier this summer. It does catch the eye and enhanced my curiosity.

Is this a coffee creamer you can't wait to try? Or do you think it's going to be a big disappointment. Chocolate flavored creamer is nothing new as caffeine enthusiasts have been using chocolate to boost the flavor of their morning wake up ritual but peanut butter makes me hesitate.

This isn't the first breakfast themed Reese's product as Reese's breakfast cereal has been on the market for many years. From personal experience, that cereal has yet to disappoint. It's delicious and too easy to eat way to much of it, that's why it's only a good "sometimes" cereal.

I'm not sure I trust this flavor as a coffee creamer though, I'm not interested in adding peanut butter flavor to my morning wake up juice. But my perspective is skewed since I drink my coffee black, the way nature intended it. Would you give this a shot? Let us know in the comments below.