Things got a little out of control in the WRRV studio today. DJ Nick Kessler of the Morning Grind took it upon himself to remove all of his clothing and broadcast in the nude despite the fact that this is a place of business. We understand that he felt the intent was noble, but this doesn't excuse the behavior. We know that Brandi did her best to keep the situation from deteriorating, but things did get out of hand.

We've received numerous complaints and we want you to know that we take these matters very seriously. So, on behalf of all the DJ's at WRRV, whether clothed or naked, we apologize.

In the coming days we'll decide if any further action is necessary. The WRRV Morning Grind will be taking a few days to think about what they've done and will return to the airwaves Wednesday morning. We're thankful that none of our listeners, clients or co-workers had to come face to face with a naked Kessler.