Ho Ho No! Stop premature Christmas decorating immediately.


Everyone knows that one person or store that has Christmas decorations up WAY before they should be, emphasis on way. We need to take a stand and bring some attention to this issue....the holly jolliness, the twinkle lights, decorated Xmas trees and more all needs to just wait, I'm going to say that again....it needs to wait. It ruins the holiday season and adds an extra sense of pressure that we all don't need. Halloween literally just ended and there's no reason Christmas decorations should be up right now, keep them in the box, please stop and wait a few more weeks until the time is ready.

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Ugh, do you know someone who has Christmas decorations up already? Are they spreading the holiday cheer a bit too early? Do you see Christmas goods already at the stores? Well, we are doing some new here on WRRV and we're trying to put a stop to all of it.

REPORT the premature Christmas decorator or decorations by calling (845)-451-WRRV or send us a picture of it on the WRRV app. It's simple, easy and gets the point across very clearly. You'll be in the running for a great prize if you do and don't be shy or sorry about it. See we still believe in presents over here...

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