The Far Cry 5 Arcade experience continues to impress me. It's gone through several updates for the better or worse depending on how much you feel like complaining. But I haven't heard of one solid complaint about this game and I've spoken to hundreds of other online gamers. We all LOVE IT!

Bravo Ubisoft, bravo. This is a quiet little masterpiece and I'm proud to spend countless hours on your servers.

In this video you'll see actual footage of my game play. Before you assume anything, I was pretty bad at this game for about a month. So it took a while to get all these kills.

You might notice WRRV in this game, we make a surprise appearance in the form of 3 billboards in a map created by a listener. Repo is his gamer tag and the map featured at the end of this video is called Hudson Railyard in honor of The Hudson Valley's Alternative. Thanks Repo, this map is awesome!