It's almost time to send someone in the Hudson Valley to Lollapalooza 2023... will it be you? Your last chance to qualify is live with WRRV on Thursday May 25th from 5pm - 7pm at Mahoney's Irish Pub & Steakhouse at 35 Main Street in Poughkeepsie!

WRRV and Mahoney's want to send you and your favorite person to Lollapalooza 2023 at Grant Park in Chicago. Our winner will receive airfare, hotel stay, $500 spending cash, plus four-day passes to the entire Lollapalooza festival. Here's how to get in on the last chance to qualify.


WRRV Lollapalooza Mystery Mixtape at Mahoney's on Thursday May 25th

WRRV Lollapalooza Mystery mixtapes are clips of three previous Lollapalooza performers back-to-back-to-back. Solve correctly with title and artist for all three songs, and you're qualified! You can listen on-air weekdays at 8am with Nick and 5pm with Jonah for new mixtapes, but your last chance to qualify is when we play the game live at Mahoney's on Thursday May 25th.

Here's How it Works

We'll play a live Lollapalooza Mystery Mixtape every ten minutes between 5pm and 7pm at Mahoney's. We'll select a correct guess after each mixtape we play, and that person is automatically in the running for the trip to Lollapalooza!

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Mahoney's Irish Pub & Steakhouse at 35 Main Street in Poughkeepsie is the best Irish Pub and restaurant in the Hudson Valley and proudly sponsors the WRRV Lollapalooza Mystery Mixtape Flyaway. Come hang with the whole WRRV crew at Mahoney's on Thursday, May 25th from 5pm - 7pm.

Welshly Arms at WRRV Sessions

Welshly Arms put on an amazing performance for WRRV Sessions at Newburgh Brewing Company on Cinco de Mayo.
Thank you to Healy Brothers, Devitt's Nursery and Supply, Ballentine Communication, and photographer Chuck Merrihew!

Gallery Credit: Jonah/Chuck Merrihew

WRRV Sessions with Two Feet, February 23rd 2022

Two Feet helped bring back LIVE and in-person WRRV Sessions at Newburgh Brewing Company. Thanks to Healy Brothers, Devitts Nursery and Supply, and Ballentine Communications. Photography by Chuck Merrihew.