WRRV Spirit Society members, are you looking for a unique liqueur to add to your special ingredient stash in the bottom of your liquor cabinet?

Then, the next time you are in your favorite liquor/wine store start looking at the shelves that contain items categorized as cordials or liqueurs. Are there ones that look familiar? Are their bottles with a bunch of dust on them that looks like they haven't been touched in awhile? Start writing down names, do you see Galliano, Tuaca, St German Elderflower?

Maybe the store will have it broken down into some categories--nut liqueurs, for instance, where you will find Frangelico or hazelnut spirits. Or there might be a place that they have all of their cream liqueurs or chocolate liqueurs all grouped together. Take those names and then do a little bit of research. Do you have to add a million other ingredients to them to make a cocktail or just a few? Doing the research first will keep you from buying that one item that you never actually end up using.

If you are looking to build you home bar, which one of these should you add? First, make sure you have the basics, a vodka, a gin, a bourbon, a white rum (a dark rum or a spiced rum would also make a nice addition) a blended scotch and a tequila, this should have you pretty well set. A few bottles of club soda, tonic, and a bottle of cranberry juice or orange juice and you will have quiet a few options should you have guests over.

Once you have these basics, then look for a "new" item to add to your collection when you head to the store to re-stock those basics.

Here is a classic cocktail that has two ingredients that you may or may not have additional uses for, maraschino liqueur and creme de violette: