The Verve Pipe are returning to The Hudson Valley on Wednesday night for a show at Daryl's House in Pawling. Lead singer Brian Vander Ark called the WRRV studio today to talk about the show and everything they've been up to.

Perhaps best known for their classic alt track 'The Freshman', the band was one of the biggest of the mid-90's. Their major label debut was Villians in 1996. They followed that up with self title album in 1998 which featured the hit 'Hero'. After the touring cycle for 2001's Underneath, the band went on an eight year hiatus. They only returned after being approached to include an original song on a compilation of children's music.

The sessions from that resulted in A Family Album a hugely popular album filled with children's music. They followed that up with Are We There Yet, another album intended for the whole family.

It wasn't until 2014's Overboard did The Verve Pipe re-enter the rock world. The band is planning to put together a follow up soon. You can listen to the full interview with lead singer Brian Vander Ark below.