Mother's Day is behind us and I think it is safe to say that most of us have our moms figured out by now. When it comes to buying gifts moms are pretty easy.  Most moms love gifts like flowers, cards, brunch or a day that spa.

Father's Day will be here before you know it. What the heck does dad want?

Lets face it. Dads are never easy to shop for. Just about everything dad wants dad gets on his own. If you buy dad the same bottle of cologne or a pocket knife every year and they are starting to pile up I think it's time you change your plan. This year we are offering you a cool gift and experience for an awesome dad.

We want to see those rad dads. Bust out those old pictures of your dad when he had the mullet, aviator sunglasses or fanny pack. You more than likely have these pictures saved on your phone or computer already. Now all you have to do is submit those photos in the form below.

Don't know what to buy dad for Father's Day this year? Submit an epic and vintage picture of your dad for a chance to win him some passes to the Hudson Valley Food Truck Festival at Barton Orchards. The event is June 24. 5 of the most epic rad dads in the Hudson Valley will win a pair of passes.

Submit a photo of your dad in the form below and enter your information.

Good luck!

7 Bad*** Gift Ideas That HV Dads Really Want This Father's Day