We decided to take a look at WRRV's Twitter followers and see who was having the biggest impact. We were pretty surprised to see the results, four bands and a professional wrestler in the top five.

Social Rank is a free service (for now) that can tell you who your most influential followers on Twitter are. It's able to track which accounts have the most reach on the platform and who has the most engaged, passionate fans by monitoring retweets, favorites and mentions. Can't say we were shocked that Pvris topped the list, their dedicated fans started lining up at 8 AM when they performed at WRRV Sessions.

The Wombats joined us in June of last year and Coheed Performed in the fall of 2015. Sick Puppies have yet to perform Sessions and we have a feeling Jeff Jarrett doesn't play the kind of music we're looking for.

  1. Pvris
  2. The Wombats
  3. Coheed and Cambria
  4. Sick Puppies
  5. Jeff Jarrett

We'd like to mention New Politics with an honorable mention at #7 while Portugal. The Man rounds out the top 10. Dreamers, Night Riots and Taking Back Sunday are all within the top 20.