I consider myself a pretty big Yankee fan, some may even say diehard.  I went to my first game at the old stadium before I could walk or talk, growing up we gave up summer vacations for visits to the Bronx, and I even once was a Yankees season ticket holder (hello to my friends in Section 234, I miss you!).

I know I'm biased, but we are so lucky that a short train ride from the Hudson Valley drops you off within walking distance of the stadium for a great afternoon or evening of baseball. And hey, why not #treatyoself at some point, to experiencing a game in a luxury suite, I guarantee it'll be worth it.

A Friendship Built On Baseball

What I had never experienced, well, up until last weekend, was a luxury suite at the stadium, and I'll tell ya, I'm not sure if I can ever go back to sitting in a 'traditional' seat again.

One of my closest friends is getting married this month.  We've been friends for 25+ years, met in junior high, have experienced a whole lot of life together.  My family brought her to her very first Yankee game, we also convinced her to tag along for a Yankees ticker tape parade or two down the Canyon of Heroes, so needless to say the Yankees have been a pretty big part of our friendship of nearly 30 years.

Well when the bachelorette party plans started to take shape and it was determined that it would be a combo bachelor/bachelorette at Yankee stadium, in a suite, I couldn't have been more excited.  Not to sound ancient, but my days of crazy bachelorette trips have come and gone.

New York Yankees Suite Life

I always thought experiencing a Yankee game in a suite would be similar to my mortgage payment, or at least my car payment, but in reality it wasn't all that bad when split between the 16 or so of us that ended up going to the game.

I had heard stories and even been shown pictures of other people's experiences in these luxury suites at 'the new stadium,' but I truly didn't know how incredible the 'suite life' was until I got to experience it for myself last weekend...

Take a peek inside one of what I will classify as something every baseball fan must experience at one point or another, catching a game in the Bronx like a VIP.

An Inside Look at a NY Yankees Suite Experience

I've been lucky enough to experience many views at Yankee stadium, field level, the bleachers, my old season ticket spot in section 234, even the upper deck has great views, but nothing will ever compare to a luxury suite.

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