Dellin Betances has been with the Yankees for the better part of 3 seasons. He's also thrown some of the most innings, for a reliever, in that time and wanted to be paid a little more because of it.

The Yankees offered him $3 million in arbitration, and he countered with $5 million. The Yankees won, and then Yankees President Randy Levine went on the warpath.

Arbitration is a weird process. The team, while still wanting the player on the team, is forced to put the player down in order to keep their salary under control. Very often, when one side loses they just say they accept the end result while not agreeing with it.

This Yankees won their arbitration hearing against Betances, and Randy Levine actually held a conference call afterwards to continue to rip his player. The player he just beat in the hearing, and who he wants to continue to be part of the team for the forseeable future.

Mr. Levine dropped all sorts of comments and in the end it sounded like he was almost insulted that a player would ask for as much as money as they could.

It's all very confusing, and I would think this would put a crimp in the Yankees relationship with Betances. However, he'll still make $3 million this year, and if he keeps his pitching at the level it is now, he'll be in line for a big contract when he reaches free agency.