Summer weather is fading and colder temperatures are making their way to New York. That means our days of suffering from biting and stinging insects is over... right?

Unfortunately, the beginning of fall is the perfect time for one of the most painful and common wasps to move in to your New York home. Here's what you need to know to keep your home stinger-free.

jaboardm via Canva
jaboardm via Canva

Yellow Jackets in New York

Yellow jackets can be one of the most aggressive and painful insects in New York state. They can quickly attack if they feel threatened, and unlike some other bees and wasps, they can sting multiple times. Their sting also releases pheromones that can alert other yellow jackets that may decide to join the fray.

suzieleakey via Canva
suzieleakey via Canva

Why You May Be Seeing More Yellow Jackets

As cold weather approaches, New Yorkers may actually see an increase in yellow jacket activity. Since these insects cannot survive freezing temperatures, many will search for warmer shelter, including under roof eaves, in doorways, or even inside homes if they can find an access point.

What Do Yellow Jackets Eat?

Yellow jackets are attracted to sweet and sugary substances. As food sources begin to disappear in the fall, many yellow jackets may act more territorial around food that they do find. They also may have an increased presence around neighborhood trash containers or any other source of food left by humans.

How to Protect Your Home Against Yellow Jackets

The best way to keep yellow jackets off your property is to make it as unappealing as possible. That means securing potential food sources like garbage cans and even sweeter plants, like lemon or lime trees. If there's no food, these wasps will likely travel elsewhere.

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How to Get Rid of Yellow Jackets

If you already have a yellow jacket problem, there are a few methods to try. While there are countless chemical spray options, a gentler approach can be to spray soapy water on plants where you notice the insects. There are also yellow jacket traps as well as the option of calling a professional pest service.

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