Remember a while back, when I wrote an article called "Why Amazon's New Headquarters Should Be Built in the Hudson Valley?" And then remember a few days later, when Ramapo started their own campaign to be the location of the new HQ? And then a little while after that, when New Rochelle jumped in the ring?

The point is, I'm taking credit for this, since another Hudson Valley town wants to be the site of Amazon's HQ2. The town of Somers in Putnam County is offering up its former IBM and PepsiCo campuses as the ideal location for Amazon's new digs. There's the possibility of building four buildings on the site, and the town's closeness to New York City might be a deciding factor.

Can it work? A lot of these towns are competing with big cities like Chicago, and Amazon has over 200 proposals that it's currently looking through. But as more and more Hudson Valley towns get in on this (it looks like Mount Vernon and White Plains are also trying to woo the company), it looks like - just maybe - I was right all along. Which is all that anyone really cares about, anyway.