Alright, I have to take credit for something. A few weeks back, I wrote a piece called "Why Amazon's New Headquarters Should Be Built In The Hudson Valley." After I wrote that article, news broke that the Hudson Valley town of Ramapo was making a bid to be the location Amazon chooses for their new HQ. And now, another Hudson Valley town is joining the race.

Clearly, this is all happening because these towns saw my article and got spurred into action, my words inspiring them like a general's speech to his troops at the end of a war movie. Anyway, it looks like New Rochelle wants to be Amazon's new home, and they make a strong case for themselves. Their proposal mentions ample building space and a vast pool of young talent from all the surrounding colleges as reasons for Amazon to make New Rochelle their choice.

The imprtant thing is, if Amazon does end up coming to either Ramapo or New Rochelle, that I told you so. Also, it feels like I should probably get a cut of whatever that town gets, since it was my idea in the first place. I'll take a check at their earliest convenience.