Feeling unsafe in the Big Apple? There's an app for that.

There have been a lot of recent violent attacks in New York City. Actor Rick Moranis got randomly punched while walking on the street. Violence rates are up by 102%, according to The Daily Mail. With all of this going on, it makes sense to feel unsafe.

If you are walking around New York City feeling unsafe, there's a new app that might give you a sense of security. According to NBC New York, a new app has been developed that lets you hire a bodyguard on demand. The app is called Bond.

Bond is an app that lets you hire a bodyguard to meet you at a specific location in New York City, for as long as you're willing to pay. You can hire a bodyguard for as low as $30 for 30 minutes. When you sign up to hire your bodyguard, you are asked to put in basic information like name, phone number, email address, and a picture of yourself so the bodyguard will recognize you upon meeting you.

The New York Post reports that someone hired a bodyguard through Bond, and it cost just over $87 for three and a half hours, with promotional pricing. When ordering your bodyguard, you can also alert them of any impending threats and request they be armed.

If you're down in New York City with maybe your friends, family, or by yourself, I don't think hiring a bodyguard is the worst idea. The worst idea is definitely spending the afternoon in Times Square.

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