Ever visited a New York distillery with a friend who was a beer drinker? Or a wine drinker and you just could not convince them to try distilled spirits? Now you won't have to even try to trick them into going with you.

This week Governor Cuomo signed a bill into law that will allow New York distilleries to sell, for on premise consumption New York labeled hard cider, beer and wine. This could be a game changer for those weekends when you can't decide if you want beer, wine, cider or spirits!

Prior to this bill (S.2481/A.2994) being signed into law, farm distilleries could only sell New York State-labelled spirits for on-premises consumption. Meanwhile, farm breweries, farm cideries and farm wineries all are permitted to sell New York State-labelled beers, wines, spirits and ciders for on-premises consumption.

This new law will amend section 61 of the alcoholic beverage control law to allow farm distilleries to sell New York State-labelled beer, wine and cider for on-premises consumption, effective immediately.

Do you have a favorite New York State beer, hard cider, wine or distilled spirit? Why do you only have to have one?