This could be the tastiest way to make $15,000.

The holiday season is upon us which means we will start to see all kinds of seasonal foods. Some are favorites and others not so much. Some of the favorites are pumpkin pie and eggnog. Some of the more decisive seasonal treats that other enjoy are fruit cake and gingerbread.

Many people think it's a lot of fun to build gingerbread houses but not everyone loves the strong taste of gingerbread cookies.

Kellogg's Pop-Tarts is looking to change all of that this holiday season and it could even win you some serious cash. They're offering a grand prize valued at approximately $15,000.  Pop-Tarts wants you to build a house and upload it on Instagram by using #GingerbreadPopTartEntry in the post. You can also enter on Twitter.

This one is small but sturdy.

How do you use Pop-Tarts to make a gingerbread house? You could take some lessons from this guy?

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